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Prices  2017

€.  per person    


€.  18,00

family room , with children
max 6 persons

€.  20,00

(born 2010/2011)

€. 10,00

(born 2012/2017)


dinner (by reservation)

€.   8,00





Volume dedicato alla storia dell'Ostello

Youth Hostel in Verona "Villa Francescatti"
The Hostel "Villa Francescatti" is set in a beautiful sixteenth century villa in the city centre of Verona, near the Roman Theatre and the Romanesque San Giovanni in Valle church. Located in a large green area, the hostel has a park with old trees, that allows guests time to rest and enjoy peace. The San Giovanni in Valle district is the starting point to visit  the Roman and Medieval monuments of the city: the Arena, the beautiful San Zeno church, “Castelvecchio Castle “ with its  museum and Romeo and Juliet’s House. The hostel offers to young people from all over the world the opportunity of staying together in a homely atmosphere. The hostel welcomes also underage boys with their parents.

The hostel has recently published a volume dedicated to his story.
In addition to containing the contributions of talented scholars of the University of Verona, the publication includes a comprehensive report presented by the Prof. Stefano Zamagni University of Bologna.
The book is available for FREE at the Hostel.


There are dormitories bunk beds in separate males and females.
Each bed has a cabinet (suitable for a large size backpack) that can be closed with a padlock  that the host brings with.
For families with children there are special rooms, with reserved bathroom (ensuite or in the corridor). The hostel is not a hotel, so the services offered to guests are  in accordance with a sober and essential style.

The services
include sheets (no towels) and a basic breakfast. Bed sheets are washed daily and dried in the sun, bent by hand (not electrically, to help save energy).

The travel experience lived in the hostel enables the coexistence of people of different culture, habits and needs. In order for this experience could be pleasant it is necessary to respect some simple rules and hours to ensure peaceful and harmonious relations among all the guests.

The hostel
opens at 7 a.m and closes at midnight.
During the ARENA OPERA SEASON the opening time will  be according with the opera's end.
At midnight silence is required. -  
During the day the bedrooms are closed 9am till  5pm, the common rooms (with a warm fireplace during wintertime) and the garden are at disposal to the guests.

The kitchen:
- Breakfast is served from 07.30 to 09.00 and consists of coffee, milk, tea, bread, butter and jam.
- Dinner is served at 19.00. The food is very simple and healthy, cooked on reservation, we don't provide pre-cooked or industrially prepared foods.
- Tap water is drinkable.
- The wine is genuine, free from chemical additives, it comes from a winery of confidence.
- There's no self-kitchen.
- Guests can enjoy their food in the common room, no charge added, but they help in tidy up and cleaning after meal.

In an old greenhouse in the park vending machines for snacks, hot and cold drinks.

In another old greenhouse, there are washing and drying machines (but in good weather conditions, consider the option to hang your  cloths on the lines).

Study rooms:
On booking a room is available where you can make lectures, conferences and group meeting. Also we have a room of the hostel with a large fresco of the 15th century and another one whose construction dates back to 1000 b.C. , that is available for small groups, concerts and exhibitions.

The small parking in our courtyard, if available, allows to park up to 10 cars.

Visit the sorrounding area:
We will be happy to help you organize day trips in nearby towns. We recommend:
In particular we recommend:
• Venice by train.
• Mantua and environs, by car.
• Lago di Garda by bus or train.

HOSTEL  history
Brief history of the villa

Located at the entrance of Saint John valley and at the bottom of the hill of S. Peter, the villa has a recorded history going back at least to the sixteenth century, when the famous Bolognese naturalist Ulisse Aldrovandi (visiting Verona in 1544) testifies that he saw here a "rare garden" possessed, next to the villa, from the nobleman Gentile Della Torre. The house had also been reproduced in those years in a fresco painted in the chapel of Nicholas Giolfino S. Francis, in the city church of S. Bernardino, in view of the hill of S. Peter. The complex, partly hidden by trees, which is the background to the painting, showing part of his statement concluded by a crenellated gable, in the style of the villas already dotting the Veneto region in the fifteenth century.

The Villa with his garden and the park, have belonged to several families: Algarotti, Zenobio,Odoli, Dal Bovo, Palazzoli and then to the Francescatti's. The complex will be rebuilt several times, according to the styles of the time, but the importance of the garden and the park will never fail, almost today.

The garden of Villa Francescatti located next to the Roman Theatre, with some rare species sheltered in his greenhouses, was in the past centuries one of the most beautiful gardens among those who enriched the city of Verona. It too, like others, was organized on five terraces that existed already and that could have been carved on the hill during Roman's times.

While the terrace above the Roman theater is still occupied by the Archaeological Museum next to the Roman Theatre, the east side belongs to the complex of Villa Francescatti. Both had been replanned in the fifteenth century giving place at the extreme eastern edge to two Belvederi, one of which still belongs to the Villa.

The caves dug into the hill are nymphs, as well as those that exist within the cloisters of S. Jerome to the Roman Theater, but there are also houses prehistoric and of the early medieval age.

Concerning to the villa, should be added that, due to the lack of owners during the the last several decades, its decline was inevitable, so as to be, so as the house until a few years ago, has became almost a hovel.
1978 was the era of his redemption after decades of neglect in which it was left: with part of the roof collapsed, with crumbling window frames, with park and garden almost wild.

The work has restored the house taking it back to its best days, returning that element also of considerable interest wich the large park is.
The restoration of the house gave to it the look of his best days, returning the large park as an element of considerable interest.

After its restoration, Villa Francescatti, in use as youth hostel, has assumed increasing importance both for the youth travel, both for the city of Verona, which has found in the Villa itself an increasing interest and the enhancing of an urban area very centric.

HOSTEL organization

                            Organization of the youth hostel '"Villa Francescatti"
The property belongs to the Catholic Christian community of Verona (Diocese) and is in use for free

Who manages the hostel:
The establishment and operation of the hostel is run by the "International Centre for Youth Cooperation",
a non-profit organization, established to accept and accommodate young people in the city of Verona,
pursuing educational and moral objectives.
Thousands of young volunteers from different countries of Europe, have contributed to the restoration of the property, participating in work camps lasted about ten years.

 Staff and organization

  • The management is runned from volunteers of the Centre

  • The staff are from different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America) and they ensure the ordinary management of the house.

NB: Some websites give inaccurate information on this hostel. To guarantee your security please contact only the officials in charge of the Youth hostel "Villa Francescatti" to previously verify informations reported in other sites.


  • If you arrive by train, just outside the main train station of Verona Porta Nuova, at the platform B1 you'll find the bus N. 73 (at night and on holidays, at the platform D2 the bus N. 91). The nearest bus stop is Piazza Isolo, from there you should follow the signs to the youth hostel (along the way there are the African Museum and the Church of San Giovanni in Valle).

  • If you're a good walker with a light backpack, you can walk crossing the city to the north (Corso Porta Nuova, Piazza Bra, via Stella, Ponte Nuovo, Piazza Isolo, San Giovanni in Valle church). The distance is about 3 km for an approximately 40 minutes walk.

  • If you come on foot or by bike, following the European route E5 of the Alps, the hostel is just on the eastern slopes of the hill of St. Peter, next to the Roman Theatre.

  • If you arrive by car  along the higway take the verona south exit (Verona Sud), follow signs to the Centre, Roman Theatre, Youth hostel.

The sober style, the no-profit management and the work of volunteers enable to keep cheap prices.

• If you are travelling alone or with a friend the reservation is not necessary. You will always find accommodation.
• If you are travelling with a group, school, university or with your family you must book in advance and wait for a confirmation.

How to book:
For large groups and families send a fax to: +39 045 8009127
You will receive the confirmation by fax.

How to Pay

  • At the Hostel, Cash or Travel Check.


  • Amounts over $1,000.00 must be payed by bank transfer or check.

  • A deposit is requisted only for families and groups.

For information ask to: info@villafrancescatti.it

or  fill this form

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